How to use paid promotions to jumpstart user acquisition?

How to use paid promotions to jumpstart user acquisition?

When you make an app, no matter how great of an app, you need to be able to get people to use it. User acquisition is all about bringing new users to your app. One way to jumpstart your user acquisition is to use paid promotions. There is a variety of ways to use paid advertisements to help drive the people to your new app.

Target your paid promotion with app user segmentation strategies

After spending countless hours developing an app, you want to make sure that people are going to be using the app to help either fill their spare time or to help them with a need. When it comes to paid user acquisition, it is essential to target the group of people you want to use your app. This is important because you may be able to get a bunch of downloads if you promote widely and to all audiences. However, many of those people might just end up deleting the app after they realize it does not fill a need.

The majority of apps on Top Charts use paid promotions to acquire users (Apple App Store, 6/29)

When it comes to trying to target the correct audience, it is essential to understand your app user segmentation. This is the process of making sure that you are targeting the right group of people for your app. The purpose of figuring out what segment of users will fit with your app is to ensure your message reaches those who can actually benefit from your app. By doing this you will save your marketing budget to only the marketing efforts that matter directing your paid acquisition to your target market. This also helps improve your referral rates further which increases the ROI of your paid promotions.

Create an effective user acquisition funnel

One area of your user acquisition that will be affected by the app user segmentation and the paid user acquisition is your user acquisition funnel. The user acquisition funnel is a series of steps that a customer takes from downloading the app to becoming a regular user. The first part of the funnel is the exposure part. The exposure section of the user acquisition funnel is where your marketing comes to into play, and the user starts to hear about your app. This is where you are going to want to target the correct audience because targeting the right audience can help with the other parts of the funnel.

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The user acquisition funnel then proceeds to the discovery phase, where the user learns about the app that you have created and all the features that are there. After that, the user decides if they want to keep your app in the consideration phase of the funnel. If the user decides that your app is worth keeping around, then you have a conversion, and the retention part is where your users are happy and engaged with the app. Like any funnel, the exposure part is the largest section of the funnel, and the conversion rate is the smallest.

Paid promotion serves not only for acquiring users but also for increasing retention

While this is the case for most apps, you can change the rate at which people stay based on your app user segmentation and the paid user acquisition. If you target the correct people for your app, then you would have a small exposure number, but your rate of retention could be higher.

How to grow your app user base

The app user segmentation and the user acquisition funnel can also play a role in how you can grow your app user base. Targeting the correct people through paid user acquisition can make it possible for you to have a larger retention rate than other apps out there. If you can continue to target the correct group, you will then be able to grow your user base. If your user base is engaged with the app and fixed a problem, they will continue to use the app, and then you will be able to add more users to your base.

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Now you have probably realized by now that using paid user acquisition can be used to target your correct audience. However, paid user acquisition can kickstart your user acquisition in other ways. For starters, using paid user acquisition, you can move a lot quicker and sometimes quicker than your competition. When you are doing paid user acquisition, you can control the type of ad your run, the time of day, and where your ad falls. This allows you to acquire your user very quickly and make sure that your app starts to grow the user base.

When it comes to doing paid user acquisition, many things will give you a leg up in jumpstarting user acquisition. You can target your audience incredibly well. This allows you to grow your user base and make sure that you can have a high retention rate. Paid user acquisition can also influence many other areas of getting your app out there, such as the user acquisition funnel and app user segmentation. While doing paid user acquisition may not be for every app that is made, for some, it can allow you to grow your app in ways unimaginable.