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Competitive Advertising Intelligence
Discover new trends of in-app ad marketplace and make strategic decisions
  • Be aware of new trends, monitor competitors' Banners, Video, Rewarded and Playable ads.
  • New advertisers are at hand. Learn your competitors' product monetization strategy.
  • Get insights of Top publishers and whiсh ad SDK is active among all integrated.
  • Explore Top in-app networks and their market share.
  • Identify new offers by Geo, category and platform.
  • Get insights, define the right in-app advertising strategy and improve your ROI.
  • Make effective decisions by using our rich data of competitor's ads.
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App Publisher
Set perfect ad campaign with Apptica. Analyse Top in-app networks and their market share. Get insights of ad SDKs integrated in the apps of your category and its performance.
Monitor new active advertisers and contact them. Find out Top ad formats your competitors use for monetization.
Take care of your users. Check ad creatives your users meet in your own apps under different Geo.
Capture trending apps, monitor competitors' ads performance. Save money in testing by using top effective ad creatives.
Explore ad networks from where advertisers receive traffic, top ad formats and landing pages.
Increase user retention. Check your own ad campaigns, creatives, LP and URLs in different apps for avoidance of any mislead.
Ad Network
Monitor new best working publishers and advertisers in other networks.
Monitor your competitors. Compare ad networks share by countries, categories, platforms & ad formats.
Demand evaluations for ad formats and creatives. Find out creative life time and Top creatives by Geo, category and platform.
Media Buyer
Save money on creating new banners. Get Top competitors' ad creatives and use them for your own ad campaigns.
Monitor actual & new traffic sources, demand for ad formats and new offers by Geo, category and platform.
Find out most active advertisers at the moment, take offer and set perfect ad campaign.
Top In-App Ad Networks
World TOP in‑app networks and their market share

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Track performance of applications within different categories and countries in iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play) app stores - for free with Apptica Top Charts

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  • checkmInformation about the publisher
  • checkmApplication price change
  • checkmScreenshots and version history
  • checkmCurrent version rating
  • checkmRelated apps
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