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Apptica is an industry-driving analytics platform providing global mobile experts with comprehensive data across all applications in App Store and Google Play.

Founded in 2017, Apptica became a strong, reliable data provider. Our data will not only help our clients to win their mobile app economy, but also be useful for journalists.


Alice Goncharova
Head of Marketing & PR
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How can Apptica help journalists?

We’re always glad to share analytics with journalists passionate about mobile apps, gaming, advertising, and more.

We provide partners with insider statistics and competitive data, so they can:

  • checkmGet exclusive information about current market leaders and predict who is going to be ahead of the competitors soon in terms of downloads & revenue;
  • checkmGet analysis on ad creatives and know current trends in advertising campaigns – thanks to our large creative gallery;
  • checkmLearn how mobile app development studios and companies create their user acquisition strategy and more.

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