Best advertising creatives of September

Best advertising creatives of September

The end of the month is time to review the best advertising creatives! We had a deep dive into mobile advertising to find the freshest, creative, and offbeat videos in September 2019.

This month, game applications seemed to compete in making an absolutely beautiful video ad. No question, creating an animated ad is a complex process, sometimes it’s much easier just to show part of the gameplay.

That's why we love ads like the Rush Wars' one - it's all beautiful, appealing, and funny.

Forge of Empires rocks too - this is an excellent example of how the gameplay and selling points of the game may be shown within the cartoon-ad.

RAID: Shadow Legends believes humour is a key to successful games ad, we can't agree more...

Is Fall the best season to fall in love? Well... how else to explain the fact that there are even four ads of dating apps in out September chart?

"Reveal people, not pictures" is a tag line of the new British dating app - JigTalk - Talk & Date.

Bumble marketers from Canada recorded real interviews with couples who met on Bumble, and it looks like some piece of YouTube content.

A bit of British Humour from Azar app...

And a holistic view of First-Date-Problem taken by LunchClick by Lunch Actually.

We truly believe Autumn is also a time to do some sport and ClassPass may help you out.

The Advertiser really shows the topic from different angles. If Singapore ad is dynamic and vibrant, the one for Germans is calm and floaty like a good movie.

For everyone who wants to look good in the new season - juicy and colorful advertising by Treatwell.

And finally some of our personal preferences. 5 annoyed people + screaming goat = cool ad for Rappi - Food & Groceries.

We hope you liked the list, if you think your ad creative deserves to be featured in the next article, let us know at

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