Video-chats become the most rapid-growing category on App Store and Google Play

Video-chats become the most rapid-growing category on App Store and Google Play

While much of the mobile apps loose downloads since the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, there is one store category that is growing more than ever - Social Networking (App Store) or Communication (Google Play). In other words, video call apps, social networks, and entertaining apps with video chats feature massively increased. Apparently, people still want to meet, date, and communicate while sitting home.

Video-meeting apps skyrocket in the middle of the March. In just 15 days, downloads of these applications grew by an average of 250%.

Skype downloads growth, Google Play

The same we see in all the major video and audio-chats: Google Duo, Hangouts, Zoom, Google Voice, and others. This is an excellent example of how powerful the current global situation is and what a significant impact it has on people, and therefore on the mobile app market.

Some applications get such an extensive use for the first time since the launch. For example, the app called Marco Polo - Stay In Touch increased in downloads by more than 80 times.

Marco Polo - Stay In Touch downloads growth, Google Play

According to analytics, video calls become popular not only in the countries that have been most affected by the virus: among the countries-leaders in downloading video-meeting apps, we see Russia, Brazil, India.

In the US, Zoom become the #1 Free App on App Store and Google Play, prior to TikTok and popular mobile games.

App Store Top Chart for March 31, 2020

The Houseparty app enters Top Charts in the US, from March 19 the app jumped 138 positions to join Zoom in Top 5 Charts on App Store.