Updates are going on: Modules Q&A

Updates are going on: Modules Q&A

Apptica keeps developing and launching new features! Please welcome a quick Q&A about Apptica’s new product - Modules.

(If you missed our last update click here)

What is it?

Modules is a new section on a website where all SDKs from featuring apps are collected.

The most complete SDKs catalog where modules are sorted by 23 categories: Advertising, Payments, Social, Developer, etc

Ok, what else?

You can see a detailed page of every SDK containing the list of apps with this SDK inside, ranking by categories and the diagram showing the number of apps using this SDK changing through time.

And if I want to check a particular app?

In “App Profile” you’ll definitely see the list of active and removed SDK by versions.

What's in it for me?

  • For Networks it would be easier to search for leads among publishers that use other Network SDKs but not theirs

  • Agencies could check publishers’ SDKs, measure traffic volume and adjust sales strategy

  • Advertisers are exploring Ad Networks to evaluate which one they want to use

We hope you’ll enjoy Apptica updates! If you still have any questions don’t be afraid to ask ;)