Top insights from Apptica for the last year

Top insights from Apptica for the last year

Today we're happy to share 5 posts from Apptica's blog that turned out to be the most intriguing and insightful. We're glad to see that our readers are passionate about a variety of things: mobile games, in-app advertising, success stories, and case studies... We truly appreciate your engagement and feedback. To make the content even more relevant to our readers, we created a survey where you can share your ideas and suggestions for upcoming posts. Cheers!

Misleading advertising in mobile games

Fake advertising became a real issue for many players, while publishers seem to find it an advanced way to increase CTR and acquire a better audience. We studied out why misleading creatives got so widespread in 2019, gave many examples of such ads, and analyzed which publishers excessively use fake advertising.

Misleading ad in mobile games: Playrix, Matchington Mansion, Mafia City

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Minecraft is not the #1 paid app anymore

This post, written at the very beginning of COVID-19 epidemic, shows how mobile environment is sensitive to world events. In the days when the virus hasn't yet spread beyond China, Minecraft mobile - an app that have been holding first position in Top Charts for years - was pushed by another mobile game. Learn how and why does it happened.

Minecraft is not the #1 paid app anymore. Reason? Coronavirus.

In-App Advertising Checklist: 2020 Edition

An ultimate checklist for UA managers that focuses on the latest trends in user acquisition in 2020. Reader gets insights on the best Ad Networks in 2020, the most performing ad creatives, social media strategies and more. Check if you know all the latest approaches and UA mechanics.

In-App Advertising Checklist: 2020 Edition

5 ways to buoy your mobile business during the pandemic

Today, indeed, is a tough time for businesses. We teach you how to strengthen your mobile business and get the most out of the situation. 5 elementary steps that can greatly increase the number of downloads by adjusting to the lockdown period.

5 ways to buoy your mobile business during the pandemic

Woman in advertising

The article was dated to the International Women's Day and still has great success. We studied how the image of the woman is ad changed from the XX century to our days. How advertisers treat the image of womanhood? Has the ad become less sexist? It's a complex study of advertising and society with a bunch of excellent examples.

Image of woman in Ads 2018: best and worst creatives

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