Top Applications in September 2019 [Downloads Chart]

Top Applications in September 2019 [Downloads Chart]

In September, the App Store is dominated by Chinese applications. Two of the top three apps by downloads are available only in China, as for the third one, China generates 99,8% of installs. Line #6 is also held by Chinese app 西瓜视频 - the video player is not localized for English-speaking audience but still gets some installs in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

The same app is taking first line of Google Play Downloads Chart - WhatsApp is the most downloaded application in Google Play since the last year. Messenger slipped 4 lines and joined Instagram and Facebook among the final three apps in the list. Social application Helo saw a strong growth in downloads since the last month. The number of installs doubled to more than $30 Million.

Top Applications by downloads for September 2019

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