State of Mobile Ad [Infographics]

State of Mobile Ad [Infographics]

From getting downloads to enhancing the brand image, in-app advertising is a big game of improving user acquisition. From 2015 to 2019, mobile ad spending grew by 240%, which proves the in-app advertising to be one of the essential marketing tools.

Many mobile publishers faced with advertising through mobile Ad Networks, know that it can be a complicated process involving a lot of creating, testing, and optimizing. Walking through the process seems more natural when having access to market analytics and stats. By studying the advertising strategy of your rivals, you can adjust your advertising technics and get the most profit with less money and efforts spent on testing.

Apptica created the State of Mobile Ad Infographics to look back and overview the state of the in-app advertising market in 2019, highlight the main trends and identify the focus area for the year 2020.

We believe that the awareness is a key to success! You can learn the advertising strategy of more than 60 000 advertisers on App Store & Google Play. To get more information, sign up to the platform or contact our team.

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