Health & Fitness apps in a rapidly changing environment: new report by Apptica

Health & Fitness apps in a rapidly changing environment: new report by Apptica

Learn more about Health and Fitness applications in our new report.

When people from all over the world did not feel well, Health&Fitness apps’ popularity has naturally increased. Workout, dieting, medical, meditation&sleep and hobby-related applications experienced a rise when our daily routine almost fully transferred into smartphones.

By the fall of 2020, the world has already adapted to a new scenario of life, the rules of which were dictated by coronavirus. Self-isolation, mass transition to remote work and other consequences of anti-covid restrictions in all countries led to the digitalizing of many routine activities.

A year later, the pandemic has not receded, and the new way of life has strengthened. Although the amount of new apps and installs in 2020 was bigger, 2021 continues to demonstrate positive growth dynamics in this market. However, in 2021 the amount of new applications in some categories has changed.

In our new report, we are overviewing the current state of Health & Fitness applications market and comparing it with the indicators of 2020.

This report will provide answers to questions such as:

  • Which applications became the most popular in the Covid era?
  • Which Health & Fitness apps subcategories prevail in the mobile market now?
  • How has the situation in this niche changed when the whole world has adapted to the changes caused by Covid-19?
  • How different is the current situation with Health & Fitness applications in the App Store and Google Play?
  • Are Covid-related applications still in demand?
  • And how did the Health & Fitness apps marketing strategy change?
You can download the report here
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