Choosing the right ad format for your mobile app

Choosing the right ad format for your mobile app

While deploying mobile ads is quick and easy, choosing the best ad network can be frustrating if you don't know the current ad formats in mobile advertising. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each ad format will help you pick the right ad format.

Let's take a look at some of the leading mobile ad formats.

Banner is a powerful form of advertising. Although it works perfectly in web, it doesn't give remarkable results for mobile apps. As indicated by the data recently collected by AppFlood, it offers the lowest eCPM and CTR. However, banner still performs properly for advertisers looking to boost advertisers’ brand visibility and experience.


  • Large volume
  • Accessible on ever screens
  • Global footprint
  • Affordable format


  • Low eCPM and CTR


Video ads last for about 15 to 30 seconds and are excellent sources of revenue for app developers. Also, using a video ad format is straightforward, and it is supported by popular ad networks like Adcolony and ironSource.

Video has experienced some changes since it became the primary format for in-app. One main transformation is that users spend over 90 percent of their time going through their mobile devices vertically. Also, vertical videos convert 20 percent better than the landscape.


  • High CTR
  • Users enjoy watching video
  • Attracts attention


  • Non-skippable video can be infuriating

Playable ads

These are interactive ads that let advertisers of a mobile app provide short app previews before users decide to download it.

You'll find Playable ads on Audience Network Interstitial, Facebook Newsfeed, and so much more.


  • Product features can be displayed in real-time
  • It works for any product or brand
  • Excellent engagement with brand content;


  • Technical complexity
  • High production prices and time

Interstitial display ads

Also called full-screen static ads cover the whole screen, usually displayed within normal points within the app flow.

Depending on the use, it may or may not be beneficial. However, Interstitial display ads are “classics” that makes users click.


  • Global footprint
  • Huge volumes
  • Easy to produce


  • Might be interrupting if used wrongly
  • Competitive in specific verticals

What ad formats to use for a mobile app?

Well, it depends on the ad format and app. As seen above, each ad format has its unique features. Some ad formats perform excellently with social apps and others with game apps.

Each application is unique, so if you want to know that you've picked the best ad format and ad network, you need to make certain displayed ad formats don't interfere with your app's user experience, Examine different ad formats, and use multiple ad formats and a single ad network.

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