Best advertising creatives of August

Best advertising creatives of August

Advertising is a very important part of every mobile application's monetization. Each advertiser wants to make its application shining and get more traffic and that's when the advertising come in. Apptica's team looked though every ad creative running this month and ready to show you top ad creatives of August to get you inspired!

Mobile games are a very competitive field where publishers should stay extra creative to really catch users. Here are a few examples of such creativity.

A positive spin on bad wether from Pokemon Go.

Idle Heroes being persuading. Just. Open. This. Game.

A Disney cartoon from Klondike Adventures.

You say "epic", we say - "Game of Thrones".

Have you been missing Looney Tunes? It's back! (with hilarious ad creatives)

Now let's move on to the applications?

Let people share their thoughts, feedback is always important. Well at least it appeals to users.

What a perfect ad for a food delivery service... Mmm

While one food delivery service tries to buys us with delicious food, Postmates makes it fun.

And finally... yes, Indian dancing from PharmEasy. Enjoy your Friday!

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