Apptica Talks. Episode #3. Combined trends in UA and Monetization with Marc Bearman, from oolo.

Apptica Talks. Episode #3. Combined trends in UA and Monetization with Marc Bearman, from oolo.

"It's never been more competitive than it is now, but I don't think that should get anyone down. It just puts an emphasis on the importance of having the right team, investing in the right tools and, actually, having a strategy".

In this episode Apptica Talks about combined trends in UA and Monetization with Marc Bearman, VP Commercial at oolo.

What we have talked about:

  • Common UA strategies. How a publisher can succeed in share of voice optimization considering a tough competition (agile channel strategy, internal channels e.g. cross promotion)
  • Oversaturation/Consolidation of the market + startup pressure in hostile environment
  • Economic markets and privacy pressure
  • Apple side-loading and its potential impact on the market
  • Revenue Diversification: move to the middle e.g. Hybrid (IAP vs IAA; subscription, freemium model, cross-portfolio model)
  • Trends and broad overview of the industry in 2023

Key insights:

  • Incumbents such as TakeTwo/Zynga, Playtika etc are buying up studios to add new revenue arm as well as being an interesting UA strategy reserved for the biggest players
  • Market maturation and privacy pressure make it harder to be competitive. Privacy has reduced targeting ability and this put pressure on running profitable and scaled UA. To stay ahead companies are managing agile channel strategy, turning focus on “internal channels” e.g. cross promotion
  • Google will make, hopefully, less dramatic changes for consumer privacy
  • M&A will slow, but unlikely to stop
  • Side-loading is a very real opportunity and there will be an early mover advantage, albeit a complicated world to navigate
  • HyperCasual won’t be dead, but it will need to evolve towards HybridCasual to stay relevant and competitive (lots to learn, but lots of upside)
  • There is a strong trend of revenue diversification: publishers are moving to the middle, to hybrid (IAP + IAA; subscription, freemium model, cross-portfolio model). There is also a focus on adding new emerging ad formats such as in game, audio and out of game.

You can learn more about oolo on the website and get more insights in its blog.

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