Apptica Talks. Episode #1 A/B tests in ASO with Emilio Mellado, ASO expert at Geeklab

Apptica Talks. Episode #1 A/B tests in ASO with Emilio Mellado, ASO expert at Geeklab

“Testing is a continuous, iterative process, even if your app, your game is already out and doing great. No matter that, you have to always test”.

In the first episode Apptica Talks about A/B testing in ASO with Emilio Mellado, ASO expert and Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Geeklab.
You can get in touch with Emilio and discuss all wonders of ASO on LinkedIn or via email.

What we have talked about:

  • Emilio and his career
  • How to validate your ideas and find a winning variant
  • How to elevate your Custom Product Pages with A/B Tests
  • What strategy to adhere with fake elements
  • Best practices for mapping out a series of A/B tests
  • 3 trends to keep an eye on in 2023

Key Insights:

Best practices for mapping out a series of A/B tests

When planning a series of A/B tests for your mobile game, it's essential to focus on the game's store presence and have a structured approach. The best practices for mapping out a series of A/B tests are as follows:

  1. Set clear objectives and hypotheses: Define the goals you want to achieve through the A/B tests, such as improving conversion rates, increasing user engagement, or optimizing visibility. Develop specific hypotheses about how certain changes might impact your KPIs.
  2. Prioritize tests based on potential impact: Identify the most critical elements to test at each stage of the game development process. Prioritize tests that are likely to have the most significant impact on your objectives.
  3. Concept phase: Focus on validating game ideas, targeting the right audience, and testing themes, art styles, character designs, and gamer motivations.
  4. Soft-launch phase: Test unique selling points, game titles, and icons to optimize app store presence and attract early users.
  5. Global launch phase: Optimize app store creatives, messaging, and ad campaigns to maximize visibility and downloads.
  6. Live optimization phase: Continuously refine store presence and user acquisition efforts to sustain long-term growth and user engagement.
  7. Implement a structured testing plan: Develop a testing plan that outlines the order and timing of each A/B test. Ensure the plan is flexible enough to accommodate changes based on test results and new insights.
  8. Use a reliable testing platform: Choose a robust testing platform, like Geeklab, that enables you to create, manage, and analyze your AB tests efficiently.
  9. Run tests sequentially or in parallel: Depending on your resources and goals, decide whether to run tests sequentially (one after another) or in parallel (multiple tests at the same time). Running tests sequentially allows you to learn from each test and apply those insights to the next one, while parallel testing can save time and speed up the optimization process. If you have enough time resources, it is better to run sequential tests.
  10. Analyze and learn from results: After each test, analyze the data, and draw conclusions about the performance of each variation. Identify factors contributing to the success or failure of specific variations and use these insights to inform future tests.
  11. Iterate and optimize: Based on the results of your A/B tests, make data-driven decisions to optimize your game's store presence and marketing efforts continuously. Be prepared to adjust your testing plan as new opportunities or challenges arise.

Fake screenshots and creatives may help with UA by lowering CPI, but you have to be careful and use it right, ideally by integrating these elements into gameplay through mini games, for example.

Even if your app is doing great in the stores, do not stop iterations, always keep an eye on the market trends and watch your competitors.

3 Trends to bear in mind in 2023:

  1. Hybrid monetization
  2. Cross-platform gaming and social element
  3. Expansion of AI and its integration into A/B testing process

You can learn more about Geeklab on the website and get more insights in its blog.  

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