Top In-App Advertisers of 2018, Android, Application Category. Apptica Overview.

Top In-App Advertisers of 2018, Android, Application Category. Apptica Overview.

Thousands of app became popular throughout 2018 while most of them reached their goals following “right” advertising strategies Apptica prepared Report on Top Android Advertisers within Application Category.

Information is based on ad impressions and accurate for Application category.

Most active advertisers can kept leading positions throughout 2018 are:

Top advertiser of Q1 2018 is:

  • IQ Option broker: online trading platform ( Application, Finance )

While leader of Q2, Q3, Q4 2018 is :

  • TikTok by ( Application, Social )

Top 10 In-App Advertisers of 2018 , Application Category, Android, Apptica

As we may notice in 2018 advertisers within shopping category are the most active out of Android / Application

Advertiser's strategy overview

Let’s analyze deeper ad campaigns of

TikTok by Top leading in-app advertiser of 2018


Ad campaigns for 2018 were mostly seen in Italy, France, and Russian Federation.

In-App Traffic source of TikTok by
Ad campaigns in Top 3 countries throughout 2018 were mostly seen in the following applications & categories

  • Casual, Entertainment, Arcade
  • How To Draw Desserts by Sweetfit Studios

Ad Creatives: Ad creatives were mostly seen through Admob:

Top Ad format is – Video

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