A pocket guide to ASO with the new features in Apptica

A pocket guide to ASO with the new features in Apptica

Welcome new shiny features in Apptica! Here is a complete guide to the new services to give you an idea of how to optimize your ASO strategy and increase downloads.


Keywords section for Woodturning app on Google Play

App Store Optimization is a crucial part of User Acquisition. A well-done ASO raises the application on search results and generates multiple downloads. However, the right choice of keywords is not that simple: millions of applications on the App Store and Google Play are bidding for the same keywords, which may lead to the adverse situation when your app drown among other bidders.

With the brand new ASO feature in Apptica, you can easily optimize your ASO to drive organic downloads. By making research on your competitors’ ASO tactics, you will find the perfect balance between keyword's popularity and the number of apps that rank for this keyword.

📝The main goal of the ASO expert is to find a balance between competitiveness and popularity of the keyword.

Expanding the semantic core is easy when you have access to your competitors' ASO strategies! Search for your competitor in Apptica, then collect the well-suited keywords to your Excel sheet, weigh the keywords popularity and the number of bidders as well as the position your app currently holds for this keyword. Such optimization will let your app stay above the competitors on search results and expand your search appearance.

📝If you're new to ASO check out this very basic guide to App Store Optimization.

When launching the app in several countries, don't forget to optimize your keywords for every geo! It may seem silly but it is yet crucial to create a semantic core for every region where the app is live. Firstly, due to the language difference, secondly, due to the different Store environment. Indeed, even if two different countries speak the same language, they still show a different culture and various applications. In addition, the position for keyword varies in each country.

In Apptica, you can easily filter the list by country and check the regional keywords:

Keywords for Woodturning app on Google Play, France

Store Optimization is a continuous process, so we let you add up to 5000 keywords to tracking and keep an eye on ranking changes in every country and for the custom period. Track and compare applications.

Optimize your ASO strategy to get more organic downloads and acquire better users

Search Ads

Search Ads section for Woodturning app on Google Play

Apple Search Ads is one of the tools that may generate a significant number of downloads when using right. The mechanics are similar to ASO: publishers buy traffic not through Ad Networks but in the App Store bidding for different keywords. That's why you need to know how to bid for your competitors, but also who out of your competitors bids for the same keywords.

The Search Ads feature in Apptica shows the complete list of keywords the app ranks for, the number of bidders for each keyword, the share of voice, and much more. You can also filter the list by country and export data to CSV.

Search Ads and ASO are closely related: Apple’s algorithm checks if the app is relevant to the search by examining the landing page. A well-optimized page increases chances of high ranking in the Search Ads results. You can also transfer the tested and optimized keywords from your ASO straight to the Search Ads which save your time and money.

📝To get more information on Apptica Store Intelligence features, see the DEMO presentation or ask for pricing please contact our team!

Thereby, App Store Optimization is a very important part of your mobile business. When working with keywords, don't forget that regular optimization and extension of the semantic core as well as the well-done localisation are your key to success!