Pokémon Masters' first Ad Creatives

Pokémon Masters' first Ad Creatives

On August 29th, 2019, DeNA Co., Ltd. announced a launch of a brand new mobile game Pokémon Masters. The game has been created in partnership with The Pokémon Company and is being a fifth official Pokémon mobile game preceded by the famous Pokémon Go. The application is available to download on both Android and iOS stores.

According to the publisher, the mobile game performed great and gained 10 million downloads in the first four days. It seems to be the second-best result after Pokémon Go launch in 2016. As stated by Sensor Tower, the above mentioned mobile game generated over $56 million in only one week after launch.


Despite the high popularity of the franchise, the publisher does not disregard paid user acquisition, namely an in-app advertising.

According to Apptica's Ad Intelligence, in September, the game has been advertised in 4 Ad Networks across seven countries. The publisher starts promotion by rolling out a few ad creatives for Android application at the beginning of September. First banner ads were shown in Thailand via AdMob.

Leaning towards AdMob Networks, the advertisers also tests social networks such as Facebook and Instagram as well as Unityads network.

As for the iOS application, the UA strategy is different - 87.64% of the ad is now seen on Facebook, AdMob covers the rest. Countries show less variation: the focus is firmly on the US.

The advertiser presents several video creatives with cartoon stories and gameplay.

All videos of the Japanese game are localized in every region. Here is a Korean version.

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