New features: In-app purchases

New features: In-app purchases

This week we will review some new Market Analytics features in Apptica. Our team never stops ameliorating the platform to give you the best analytics experience on the market. So today we're happy to announce the launch of In-App Purchases.

The unique on the market, this feature lets you get the comprehensive information about paid features in every app.

See the top in-app purchases of the app and learn how the price varies by country. Understand the gameplay details by knowing the top in-app purchases, get inspiration for your next app. Unveil whether publishers adjust paid functions to the economy of different countries.

A unique widget allows easily comparing in-app purchases in 30+ countries. Compare price in USD and local currency, identify the most expensive and cheapest markets, adjust your in-app purchases accordingly to increase IAP revenue.

Apptica provides mobile experts with accurate analytical data on mobile applications and in-app advertising. To gain competitive insights and drive your mobile app forward with Apptica subscribe or request a DEMO.