New feature: Soft Launches section

New feature: Soft Launches section

New soft launches appear in App Store and Google Play every day. In order for you not to miss any of them and always be one step ahead of your competitors, Apptica team has released new Soft Launches feature!

It is impossible to stay aware of current mobile game market trends and tendencies without analyzing most recent releases. New applications that come out in soft launches and are being tested can be analyzed to understand which fresh formats are now entering the global market. That is why our new section is a must-try:

Follow your rival's launches or discover new mobile market trends

  • Choose different soft launch GEOs to find out which of them are most popular for test runs. You can also check out HQ locations: we collect data from 251 countries and even island states from all over the world.

  • Select the period of time soft launches were released within;

  • Analyze dozens of soft launches of all kinds to find out which app categories and mobile game genres rule the market — or appear on it for the first time! You can also see their downloads and revenue as well as soft launch and WW date.

Apptica provides mobile experts with accurate analytical data on mobile applications and in-app advertising. To gain competitive insights and drive your mobile app forward with Apptica subscribe or request a DEMO.

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