It is Vital to Adapt Quickly to Changing In-App Market Conditions

It is Vital to Adapt Quickly to Changing In-App Market Conditions

In the article 5 Things to Know About In-App Mobile Video Advertising by Elyse Dupe, Special Features Editor, DMN, were mentioned five key takeaways from the recent roudtable discussion hosted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in New York, where marketers talked about the challenges and opportunities presented specifically by in-app video advertising.

One of the five key takeways is that in-app vertical ad video is massively growing and generates nine times the viewing-completion rate that horizontal video does. Ones seen as a Snapchat and Periscope anomaly, is gaining traction and providing publishers and advertisers with another way to win growing mobile audience.

We decided to analyze this trend through Apptica service tracing Vungle In-App Video Network.

41% of in-app video creatives in Vungle network are vertical (USA for the last 3 months (April, May, June).

TOP video ad creatives used for in-app promotion in Vungle Network are also vertical. Big gaming advertisers and publishers like BitMango, Supercell, King, ZiMAD, Plaryx Games, Jam City Inc. are purchasing traffic to vertical in-app video ads in Vungle and on the TOP positions for the period.

Vungle, USA, Android, April 2017

Vungle, USA, Android, May 2017

Vungle, USA, Android, June 2017

Vertical in-app mobile video ads offer greater impact and significant for brands and advertisers (when it is done right). Many consumers won’t bother turning their phone to see an ad. Mobile Marketer reported that 90 percent of the time consumers spend on their mobile phones in the vertical orientation. Mobile video play rates are higher on in-app (14.1%) compare to mobile web (8.3%). A horizontal or landscape-aligned video is using only 25 percent of the available screen space that a vertical-aligned phone or tablet has to offer.

Remember, the mobile phone is still a very personal device, and you have to make sure your users get the offering right. Which video ad format would you choose?

Explore of competitors’ and brands’ in-app advertising strategies will help you to answer this question. It is vital to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.