Introducing Email Market Alerts!

Introducing Email Market Alerts!

We're proud to introduce the new feature that will serve market experts to always stay up-to-date on the market, and never miss any critical insights!  

Now, you don't need to see all of the updates and changes among thousands of apps. Focus your attention on the most important ones with News Feed Notifications!

News Feed is a handy tool that lets you create a custom list of apps or publishers and get everyday updates on their market activities: updates on new versions, advertising review, any changes of the icon, description, and screenshots.

💻 Check a simple guide to the News Feed feature

News Feed Email Notifications is a new level of this feature that enables you to get News Feed notifications straight to your inbox.

Create a News Feed list, select the updates you want to be aware of, and sign up for updates of your competitors' everyday strategies. Enjoy the full News Feed delivered to you by email:

  • see new creatives of competitors first and get that needed inspiration and ideas for your app
  • track unique changes in different countries
  • catch new keywords, expand your semantic core, and improve search ranking
  • enhance app's visibility and get more downloads
  • save your time on checking the market state

Refresh your News Feed lists and subscribe to them to get market alerts straight to your inbox!

To get more information about the product or request pricing, contact our team.

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