Best advertising creatives of November: Fake Ad

Best advertising creatives of November: Fake Ad

Every month Apptica releases a compilation of the best advertising creatives of the month. In November, we made a special edition: misleading advertising in mobile games. You'll see a list of applications whose gameplay has nothing to do with the ad and the game is nothing player believed it would be.

The fake ad became very common this year especially for match-thee puzzles. To stand out from the crowd, publishers invent engaging and catchy video and playable ads hoping to get more traffic. Here is a playable ad of Homescapes match-thee game.

Fake Advertising Topics

Fake advertising, which has become so popular recently, usually has several stories that all publishers use: house-repairing, "how to loot?", saving character, "choose your story". We sorted the misleading ads in November by these categories.


How to loot?

Saving character

Choose your story

Another topic is hidden objects and here are two almost identical ads.

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