Apptica Reveals Best Performing Mobile Advertising Strategies in Q1 2019

Apptica Reveals Best Performing Mobile Advertising Strategies in Q1 2019

We're happy to present Apptica's new study on the Mobile Advertising Market!

Today, analytics service Apptica launched “Mobile Advertising Market Research” aimed to be a source of firsthand data on in-app advertising market in Q1 2019. Since more than 65% of the global population are now subscribed to mobile services, mobile field becomes one the most powerful sources to get traffic and hence the money. For those who want to monetize through mobile apps and develop the business the right and - what is more important - quick way, Apptica reveales the latest mobile trends.

Apptica handled real data to provide the mobile industry with timely and accurate insights:

  • Top 10 Advertisers in Q1 by store and category
  • Best Performing Creatives
  • Advertising volume growth per country
  • Top Publishers by buying/selling traffic
  • The fastest-growing app of the quarter
    and more.

"Today, the main reason for the failure of any mobile product can be a lack of information’ explains Apptica CEO, Anton Buchelnikov. ‘I believe that it’s impossible to make a successful application with closed eyes, so we offer accurate data on the market for you not to guess but analyze and adjust business development campaign to get better results."

Apptica Inc. provides publishers, Ad Networks and Agencies with Mobile data Intelligence: Store & Advertising Analytics. Founded in 2016, Apptica collected over 12 billions of creatives, compiled store data in 35 countries and become a world-known Ad expert with such clients as Voodoo, Playgendary, and Lightner.

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