Apptica Free Trial is Open for 24 Hours

Apptica Free Trial is Open for 24 Hours

We are constantly working to improve Apptica features and gather a large amount of unique in‑app advertisement data for our clients. All comments, inputs and feedback from our valuable beta users help to make our service better and better every day.

We appreciate it and prepare a lot of benefits for our new and existing beta users:

  • After account verification, you will have extra 24 hours’ FREE access to Apptica

  • Opportunity to prolong FREE access to Apptica and get additional 15% discount on the Price Offer

  • Special Price Offer up to 6 months!

Hurry up, you still have a chance to receive benefits of beta users, use Apptica extra 24 hours’ FREE trial, receive additional 15% discount and Special Price Offer up to 6 months!

Please note that registration through LinkedIn and Facebook is not available anymore.

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Apptica is №1 Mobile Ad Intelligence Tool

We let our partners to get UA / Monetization / Creative insights, SDK Intelligence, downloads & revenue and much more!

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