Analytics For The Best Mobile Games: Taking Advantage Of Mobile Game Data

Analytics For The Best Mobile Games: Taking Advantage Of Mobile Game Data

How To Use Mobile Game Data To Understand App Usage & Get Ahead Of Mobile Game Market Trends

In 2018, mobile game market trends reached a significant milestone: mobile gaming overtook console and PC gaming as the biggest source of revenue in the industry. As the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry, there is both greater opportunity for success and greater competition for consumers’ attention between the best mobile games. That’s why, more than just seeking to understand general app usage, developers of the best mobile games use mobile game data to understand target app users’ preferences, cater to their needs, and win their loyalty. With changing conditions and constant new entrants to the market, mobile game data offers developers the chance to evaluate even minute changes in app user behavior to anticipate upcoming shifts and new developments in large-scale mobile game market trends.

Accessing, Analyzing, & Understanding Mobile Game Data

Whether they appear in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or the Windows Store, creators of the best mobile games regularly analyze mobile game data concerning app usage and other mobile app key performance indicators. Each app store has built-in mobile game data collection and analytical tools, including Apple’s App Analytics, the Google Play Console, and Microsoft’s Partner Center. In each of these spaces, developers can gain varying degrees of insight about app usage and app store performance. Developers of some of the best mobile games also make use of paid third-party mobile game data analytics suites, which may provide additional information.

Accessing detailed, up-to-date mobile game data is just the first step to creating one of the best mobile games on the market. It’s essential to appropriately analyze that data to understand app usage and performance, then make reasonable inferences about the mobile app design quality and the best methods to grow mobile app users’ engagement and retention. To that end, developers of the best mobile apps (of those hoping to join their ranks) measure mobile app key performance indicator data against previous points in the app’s lifespan and against significant known mobile gaming industry trends and benchmarks. This way, developers can make data-driven decisions about how to improve app performance in terms of the mobile app design itself and their app store optimization strategy.

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How The Best Mobile Games & Apps Use App Usage Data & Other KPIs To Understand How to Improve App Performance

A keen understanding of mobile game data is essential to success in the gaming industry. That’s because mobile game data can give developers near-immediate information about the effects of mobile app design, monetization, and ASO strategy decisions. By being intentional when making changes to these parameters (making a limited number of changes at once), developers can link specific app elements and marketing choices to specific desirable and undesirable user behaviors.

Consequently, game developers can then “game” the system by adjusting the mobile app design and the related marketing strategies to maximize user engagement/retention and monetization profits. What’s more, this knowledge of which in-app and external marketing elements impact which app usage data points is critical to reacting to un-prompted changes in app user behavior. In these cases, developers of the best mobile games take notice of unexplained changed in app usage data (and other mobile game data) then use the information gained through previous mobile game data analysis to infer the most-likely reasons why app users are behaving differently. They can then decide how to improve app design and marketing in the face of developing mobile game market trends.

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