5 Ways to Refine Your Mobile Ad Targeting

5 Ways to Refine Your Mobile Ad Targeting

Whether you’re selling a product, app or service, your mobile ad target audience will change from time to time. For the most part, they won’t completely change flat out from one type to another but will gradually change in a different way. Using ad targeting methods will allow you to capture a new audience while retaining your existing one, purely by refining the strategy rather than changing it altogether.

It’s not an easy thing to do and if you aren’t using pay-per-click advertising or speaking to a Facebook ad audience with a refined targeting ad strategy, you’re almost completely wasting your time. These are essential aspects to get right and you should be focused on capturing the right audience.

How to Target

Organic content’s reach is fast diminishing and all of the algorithms of mobile ad targeting continue to change on an almost daily basis. People want to see more personal content and less content that comes from business and specific social media such as Facebook Ads cater to this kind of thing.

Targeting will make or break a campaign and ads that are relevant will see far more success. It sounds obvious, right? Let’s take a look at 5 ways that you can refine your mobile ad targeting in order to make a bigger impact.

Targeting Geographically

It may sound like something really basic, but if you’re not targeting geographically, then you’re doing something wrong. You should be creating ad campaigns for specific areas that will let you see which areas drive the most traffic and which ones then convert the best. It will give you valuable future information that can be used to target on a budget, and only allow you to target areas that are heavily involved in what you’re doing.

It will also let you tailor your ads to the people in your targeted location. If there’s a particular sign or landmark that someone in your area might know, having the knowledge of mentioning it will give people more of an immediate recognition to it, making it feel like the ad was made for them. This remains true for age and gender targeting too.

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Understanding Life Events

The ability to extrapolate is super important in ad targeting. Doing some kind of life event targeting can be helpful in many different ways if you have the right data with you. Knowing that someone may be getting married or perhaps is newly engaged, will mean that they will likely be looking for a hotel, or a venue to book. This can include things like honeymoon destinations too, and can be used in conjunction with certain people from the same sort of area in the same age range.

Learning Interests

When you’re using a Facebook ad audience or a pay-per-click advertising platform, you can find interest-based targeting to be incredibly effective. It will help you to group like-minded people together into the same, or similar brackets, thus further allowing you to move them towards a specific targeting bubble.

It’s by far one of the most obvious sections of a user that you can target. People have expressed what they like and have an interest in, meaning you can literally pick and choose specifics that you believe will be beneficial to those users. This isn’t even advertising anymore, it’s just giving people what they want!

Mobile or Not

We’re not talking about targeting people who move, but more so the people who are prone to using their mobile devices more than others. Sources will always show that users will be on their phones often, more than 5 hours a day! This means that you have a considerable amount of time to target towards people using specific phones.

Those who have the latest mobiles, or tablets too, are likely to have the money to spend on whatever it is you’re marketing too. Let’s face it, everyone might have a phone, but not everyone has a tablet!

Occupations and Careers

Mobile ad targeting can be done directly to the professional too. People who work in specific industries, providing services will be more inclined to look for ads that pertain to them. An engineer could perhaps be interested in streaming a video about great engineering works, as such, you’d be appealing to a specific demographic of people who are in particular professional services.  

You could use a really specific and targeted message for all types of people. It just takes a little bit of know-how and a firm belief in the knowledge that you’re doing the right kind of thing for the right kind of people.

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