Apptica Academy
Unleash the Power of UGC-like ads:
A Dual Masterclass Series

Make your UGC creatives rock by learning from profound experience and insights of UGC Ninja
Beginner/ Intermediate
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2 masterclasses
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>30 min of content
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∞ UGC creatives
Gaming UGC-like ads Masterclass
Narrative Crafting: Learn to construct engaging stories that resonate within the gaming community.
Community Building: Utilize gameplay footage and gamer testimonials to foster a strong community vibe.
Conversion Tactics: Develop creative calls-to-action that turn viewers into players
Non-Gaming UGC-like ads Masterclass
Product Showcasing: Master techniques to highlight product features through real user experiences.
Brand Personality: Integrate humor and relatability to give life to lifestyle brands.
Platform Mastery: Gain insights on leveraging UGC across different platforms for optimal reach.
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