Best mobile games in 2019

Best mobile games in 2019

This year had much to offer to the mobile games users. Both fans of midcore and casual games found their favorite game in 2019. If you're looking for Top mobile games for 2019, here is a list of outstanding examples.

Call of Duty Mobile

This is by far the best mobile game of the year. Released at the end of September, the game earned $2 Million in a day and a half and reached almost 150 Million Installs worldwide for the first month..

Publisher: Activision, US
Release: September 30
Download: iOS | Android

Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters is a 3-on-3 battles game, the sixth app of the well-known franchise. Pokémon Masters became the most successful game in a series after Pokémon GO and raised $33.3 million in the first month.

Publisher: DeNA, Japan
Release: September 1
Download: iOS | Android

Mario Kart Tour

Another hit developed by DeNA is Mario Kart Tour. The racing game is a spin-off of the Mario Kart series. The game greatly outperformed other Nintendo mobile projects by first-day downloads with more than $15 Million installs fist day after release.

Publisher: Nintendo, Japan
Release: September 25
Download: iOS | Android


A shooter that has won the hearts of gamers around the world - Archero. Mobile game with a pretty simple gameplay does not lose its popularity from the very day of the launch. In mid-August, the publisher HABBY launched the Chinese version of the mobile game in App Store and it instantly gained popularity among gamers around the world thanks to free benefits and features.

Publisher: HABBY, China
Release: May 13
Download: iOS | Android

Dota Underlords

2019 is the year of increasing popularity of Auto Chess genre and Dota Underlords is one of the great examples released in 2019. The game wasn't as successful on the market as the ones above, but became a favorite for gamers who love Auto Chess genre.

Publisher: Valve Corporation, US
Release: June 20
Download: iOS | Android

Minecraft Earth

One of the last games this year, available in 10 countries in early access - Minecraft Earth. The game moves the Minecraft into the real life through the powerful AR filters. Players can build 3D objects in the local places and let them be available for other users.

Publisher: Mojang, Sweden
Release: October
Download: iOS | Android

Brawl Stars

Although the game was released at the end of 2018, we added it to the list of the best mobile games for 2019, as it proved to be one of the most engaging battle-royal games of the year. Today, a year after release, the game still amazes users due to its variety of battle modes, characters, and add-ons).

Publisher: Supercell, Finland
Release: December 2018
Download: iOS | Android is probably the most popular hyper-casual game of the year. The game with super simple gameplay jumped the Top Free Chart of App Store in two weeks and became not only the best game but even the best app in the US.

Publisher: Voodoo, France
Release: May 17
Download: iOS | Android