13 In-App User Acquisition Insights

13 In-App User Acquisition Insights
  1. Monitor competitors’ ads performance. Understand best practices and trends in the marketplace to execute an effective advertising strategy.
  2. Get insights, where and with whom your competitors are running user acquisition campaigns. Explore TOP in-app networks and their market share.
  3. Be a step ahead of your competitors, find out what creative executions your competitors are running, receive a solid baseline. Explore their TOP performing creatives, find new working ideas and save money in testing.
  4. Optimize and update your creatives. Customize creatives to appear more relevant.
  5. Explore and use TOP available ad formats. Variety of ad formats can help you to keep your campaign fresh.
  6. Brand saving is more than important. Check ad creatives your users meet in your own apps under different geo.
  7. Open your ad campaigns to more countries.
  8. Segment your audience.
  9. Cross-promote where it makes sense.
  10. Create content outside your niche.
  11. Understand the share of impressions across ad networks to get the best quality traffic.
  12. Check your own ad campaigns, creatives, LP and URLs in different apps for avoidance of any mislead.
  13. Use in-app monitoring and spying tools. Make effective decisions by using Apptica.com rich data of competitors’ ads.