YouTube Introduces Ad Automation Software Tool


• YouTube is trying out a new software they are calling Bumper Machine, which looks to optimize mobile video ads. According to a report by TechCrunch, the editing tool relies on machine learning to get significant moments in a longer spot and make them into a shorter six-second ad. The bumper ads started featuring on YouTube in 2016.

GrubHub, the food delivery app, shortened two ads, each of them 13 seconds long with the new tool by finding out the exact message the company wanted to pass. A spokesperson from GrubHub told MediaPost that the shorted ads allowed them flexibility in where they place their advertisements as they ran the campaigns.

• The Bumper Machine analyzes video spots to pick out elements like motion, human characters, and a sharp focus. It helps marketers to know the message and to package it appropriately in the required six seconds, according to the VP of management at YouTube, Vishal Sharma.


YouTube’s bumper ads play before videos begin. It is less interruptive for viewers on mobile who would rather watch what they went there to see. In using machine learning, the new software could encourage more marketers to adopt the six-second ad format. They will consequently cut their costs significantly as they will rely on AI to edit content they already produced.

Creative executives, primarily from agents, fear that short ads are tricky because you do not have enough time to build an emotional connection with the viewer. Studies show that viewers can process information fast. Mobile ads will trigger emotions in consumers within their first half a second of watching. On television, a six-second ad saw more audience engagement than longer ads, according to a study by TVision Insights and Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).

The new software tool comes at a time when mobile video ads drive digital media spending. In the U.S, mobile ad spend grew by 40% to get to $69.9 billion last year. It contributed 65% of the total digital ad monies, according to PwC. Mobile ads grew 65% to get to 10.2 billion, exceeding growth in digital video by 28%. Mobile video ads are expected to grow further as people embrace mobile networks up to 5G all over the U.S.

YouTube is not the only platform that is working to improve its inventory of short ads. Last month, Snapchat announced that it was planning to introduce a new service to allow brands to reserve non-skip six-second ads to feature in premium shows in the app. The service will feature inventory in sports programming and Snap Originals on a fixed price per thousand impressions.

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