Vungle Partnership Allows App Developers to Access Samsung Galaxy Apps

Vungle announced that they partnered with Samsung Electronics. Following the decision, Samsung will incorporate the performance marketing company’s platform in its Galaxy Apps ad in-app videos.

What this means is that, app developers will get access to promotional placements that are customized across the Apps.

The Galaxy App store provides productivity, entertainment and gaming apps for the Samsung devices.

According to the CEO of Vungle, Rick Tallman:

‘Samsung and Vungle have worked together to give marketers an integrated experience. They will be able to download apps within an ad unit. Thanks to the partnership, advertisers will get new opportunities for reaching consumers as they try to discover and download new games and apps.’

It does seem like the partnership is an excellent opportunity for app developers to get new opportunities to promote themselves to customers who want new apps. Vungle and Samsung designed placements that are in-store and streamlined for app acquisition.

The feature first rolls out in South Korea and the US.

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