Viewable Ad Impressions Drive a 53% Increase in Store Visits

If you have been wondering why viewability is essential, or whether it is at all, the answer to your question is ‘store visits.’ A Placed and Moat study found revealed that impressions from viewable ads impact conversions and offline visits.

The study found that exposures to viewable ads increased sales and store visits, changes which were not seen with the control group. These impressions drove 53% of the increase in store visits and resulted in a 20.4% increase in in-store conversions.

Moat wanted to establish viewability. They tracked visits to chosen stores using location data. This is how they conducted the study:

They appended an image/pixel to the campaign that set apart all impressions and viewable impressions. This was a move towards measuring traffic to selected locations. The pixel then compared the rates of conversion for the users who were exposed to viewable ads to those of users who were served with non-viewable ads.
Control groups were left unexposed to the campaign. The goal was to establish whether the users who saw viewable ads would visit on-premise locations more.

The Media Rating Council defines viewable ad impressions as display exposures of over 50% of the ad pixels for a minimum of one second. GroupM, on the other hand, argues for stricter standards for viewable ad impressions. They used ‘enhanced viewability’ which is a standard that requires the user to be exposed to the full ad for some time.

As it is, many marketers consider display advertising to serve branding and awareness only. They do not imagine that such display ads can drive a response. As the research revealed, display serves both purposes. Currently, Google measures how viewable impressions affect store visits. Facebook has a similar metric as well.

Obviously, viewability is important. Thanks to the study, one now knows that it not only helps exposure but it can also translate to store visits and in the end, sales.

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