Video, Social and Mobile Bolster Digital Advertising 13.9%

In 2018, digital advertising in Europe went up 13.9% driven by social, video, and mobile ad expenditure, going by IAB figures.

This is the fastest growth registered since 2011.

In-stream video grew 19.7% and out-stream, 44.7%. Overall, the video grew 30.9%, reaching 7.6 billion pounds in ad spending. Video now makes 33% of the overall display.

‘Such growth in an entire region is encouraging,’ said Townsend Feehan. ‘The industry now contributes 55 billion pounds towards the GDP, adding value to both emerging and mature markets. Digital advertising now accounts for 45% of all paid media ads in the region. New data protection rules make users more aware of the choices they have and how their data is processed, and so brands must focus on delivering ad experiences that are privacy conscious,’ adds the CEO of IAB.

Search still dominates revenues, registering a 12.5% growth.

Meanwhile, social has caused display to grow by 33.7% to now make 49% of display.

The total mobile ad spending increased to 22.8 billion pounds last year, an increase of 31.4%.

‘Social, video and mobile are still driving growth in Europe, with mobile getting closer to 50% of search and display and video making 33% of display,’ added the chief economist at IAB, Dr. Daniel Knapp. ‘These environments and formats reflect how engaged the consumer is with different devices for utility, entertainment, and connection. They show the power of digital ads to influence decision making.’

2018 saw Ukraine register the most substantial growth in the CEE region, at 26.9% followed by Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, and Serbia at 24.9%, 23.6%, 20.9%, and 20.1% respectively.

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