In-App Ads Improved to Fight Fraud

Research shows that many ad buyers believe in-app ads to be more susceptible to fraud compared to other mobile marketing forms.

However, according to Protected Media, in-app ads are prone to fewer fraudulent attempts compared to ads on the mobile web.

During the last quarter of 2018, the rate of false attacks in in-app ads was 25% less than in mobile web ads.

Protected Media found that out of 40 billion impressions spread across ten exchanges and DSPs, fraud involving viruses and bots designed to behave like humans, was 74% less in in-app as opposed to the mobile web.

When it comes to view fraud – fraud where ads are shown in a way the user cannot see, like in ad stacking – it was 84% lea in-app than in mobile web.
Tunneled traffic, that is where the criminal masks the IP address to hide the geolocation of the user, occurred 32% fewer times.

Reputation fraud, which is about hiding suspected publishers and user IDs, happened 83% less often.

As of 2018 October, app ad buyers spent nearly 50% of their budgets on mobile. They split this money evenly between in-app buys and mobile web purchases.

Whether these new findings shift the way buyers spend their ad dollars is yet to be seen.

Nonetheless, fraud is still a significant concern on digital platforms. An academic study looking into cybercrimes enabled by social media found the criminals to make close to $3.25 billion in a year.

The research was conducted by experts at the University of Surrey under the instruction of Bromium and found that of every five organizations that were infected with malware, one of them received it through social media.

Popular apps form the center of illegal fraud activity going by Mike McGuire’s report. McGuire is a lecturer in criminology at the University.
Specifically, ‘Facebook Messenger has spread strains that mine cryptocurrencies such as Digmine’ says McGuire.

Another example is YourTube where ‘users click on an ad and enable crypto mining malware that runs on their machines consuming over 80% of their CPU mining Minero,’ according to McGuire.

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