UK’s Gaming App Users Who Invest In-App Are Cheapest to Acquire

Summertime is excellent for advertisers to target app users. The second highest conversion rates from install to in-app purchases happen between July and September (16%).

The cost of getting users at the time is $27.09, according to the latest Liftoff report.

Results based on analyzing 107 billion ad impressions and 82 million installs revealed mobile gaming to be healthy.

However, this means that user acquisition costs will go up by 16.5% for installs. It costs $35.42 to convert one player into an in-app purchaser, a 12.3% increase.

Android users ($3.21) are cheaper to get than iOS users ($4.85) but the playing field levels out when it comes to converting players to in-app purchases. iOS went up 13.2% while Android increased by 9.5% to $33.63 and $33.83, respectively.

The costs of installation vary by country. Brazil and China offer bargain prices if compared to the US, Canada, and Japan.

The UK offers the least cost, at $24.53 for acquiring a user for a gaming app who makes a first purchase in the app. It has reported the highest rates of engagement – 17.3%.

The report breaks down individual app segments, including strategy gaming apps, hyper-casual games, mid-core apps, and casino gaming apps.


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