UK Consumers Tired of Over-Targeting

Ad over-targeting presents severe risks of exhausting the UK consumers who are beginning to feel apathetic towards ads.

Research reveals that 56% of consumers in the region fought against over-targeting while 55% of them didn’t care for such ad content. The study interviewed more than 5000 consumers.

A considerable part of the problem is that most consumers in the UK (73%) see the same ads every time. However, 11% of them said they enjoyed the ads. Marketers and brands have now to adjust and balance their approach so as not to overshare.

At the same time, UK consumers using ad blocking tech are at 22%. Other consumers have found different ways to get around ads and interact with content on their terms including subscription services that are ad-free.
Pay-TV has become a popular option for over 40% of the consumers in the UK while 17% have a subscription to an audio service.

52% of the respondents reported that they chose to subscribe to a service for its content. Another 36% said they subscribe to avoid targeted ads.
In the end, the industry has to create content that directly impacts the customer and focus it well.

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