Twitter’s Ad Revenues Grow 21% in Q2

Twitter realized $37 million in profits during the second quarter of 2019. The company recently announced that their revenues went up 21% to get to $727 million. Most of the revenues came from US markets.

Video advertising contributed the most to the growth with formats like Website Card formats and in-stream video formats topping the list in contribution/

‘Twitter is becoming integral for many advertisers and consumers. One of its biggest strengths is the ability to reflect happenings in the world as they take place. Brands must be online to participate in the different conversations. At 4C, we have seen strong growth on the platform with video. The sound, motion and sight of video ads will pop out of the feed and engage the audience,’ said the CMO at 4C Insights, Aaron Goldman.

Twitter further reported for the first time, the number of daily active users that can be monetized to reach 139 million, a growth of 14% from the year before.

The platform’s CEO Jack Dorsey suggested that the growth is active users came from the improvements the platform made to support privacy, safety and active reporting of spam content.

Most of Twitter’s revenues come from ads. The director of Croud, speaking on the issue says:

‘Twitter’s top priorities should revolve around improving the health in the feed and making sure that information users get on Twitter is credible. The idea is to free the platform of abusive content and make sure that ad formats there are innovative and complementary rather than, disruptive of the experience of users.’


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