Twitter Adds 75 New Communities to Expand Targeting

Twitter is looking to make advertising easier by allowing access to communities that matter the most in their campaigns. The site identified 75 communities presenting new targeting opportunities.

The company used analytics to identify sub-communities which fit into broad levels of interest by examining their tweets.

Broad categories include professional topics, gaming, fashion, and sports.

They are divided further into sub-categories to make targeting more accurate.

For instance, ‘football’ is divided into ‘grassroots support’ and ‘awareness’ among others.

‘We want to give our brand and agency partners better insight into who people are, what tribes they play for, and what those communities look like,’ said David Wilding, planning director at Twitter.

He added that Twitter has many marketers and topical interests which it should target.

‘For example, police will use the platform to support each other while teachers use it to share resources and get creative with their work,’ he added. ‘There are niche things like ‘Beer Twitter’ and ‘Cheese Twitter’ and people cannot wait to find each other.’

Sub-categories allow additional insight levels into the audiences, ‘We want to help advertisers understand what people are interested in and passionate about, and the communities that exist,’ he said.

Interestingly, the company noticed how open communities are to help from brands if they need it. This could lead to exploring different opportunities based on the communities.

Credit: Business of Apps

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