Top 16 mobile app marketing trends for 2018:

  1. Google AMP – Accelerate Mobile Pages
  2. Voice Search – Increase the Number of Voice Searches
  3. Location-based Marketing – So Accurate that You will be Thrilled
  4. Live-Streaming is a Huge Mobile Opportunity – Next Big Opportunity for Brands
  5. Mobile Site Speed – Step in the World of Solutions and Stay Connected
  6. Messaging Apps (SMS Marketing) - Reach Every Hour, Every Day
  7. Android Instant Apps – Merge the World of Web and Native Apps: Google
  8. Augmented Reality – Virtual Revolution
  9. Mobile Security – Device Management to Data Protection
  10. AI will Play a Major Role in Mobile Marketing – Future of Mobile Apps will be Dominated by Artificial Intelligence
  11. Mobile Remarketing – Retarget with Personalized Ads
  12. Machine Learning into Marketing Automation – Experience the Significant World of Transformation
  13. Mobile Video Marketing – Create the Perfect
  14. Big data – Turn Data into Value
  15. IoT Marketing Application – Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical World
  16. Mobile Push Remains the Best Way to Engage with Users – Increase App Engagement

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