TikTok App Becomes Popular with Over a Billion Downloads

TikTok is celebrating a milestone having exceeded a billion downloads. The app allows users to record themselves as they lip-synch to popular music. According to Sensor Tower show, the app is getting closer to Facebook when it comes to downloads.

Last year, nearly to 670 million people downloaded the app.

Initially created by a Chinese company, ByteDance, TikTok has seen a lot of popularity in Asia.

Of all downloads the app has seen this year, 25% of them are from India. They include the regional variations of the app and the lite version.
In the US, users are warming up to it steadily, but the share is still small, with the region taking up only 9% of the January installs.
Rising to the top comes with its challenges for TikTok. Immediately the reports of the milestone hit the industry; the app received a $5.7 million fine from the FTC (federal trade commission) for collecting data from children without their parent’s consent.

According to the FTC, the app violated the online privacy protection guidelines for children. ‘Musical.ly –now TikTok- operators knew that children were using the app. They failed to put in place systems to get parental consent before getting data like email addresses and names of those below 13,’ reported the chairman of FTC, Joe Simons. ‘This penalty should remind all websites and online services who target children; we take COPPA seriously and will not tolerate businesses that ignore the law.’

The FTC records that TikTok knew about many complaints they received from parents.


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