The top mobile and in-app advertising predictions for 2018

Personal predictions from the mobile advertising industry's top executives for all that will be hot in mobile in 2018.

I think that next year, more companies in our industry will understand that it is much more important to apprehend the users’ timeline throughout the day – What are they doing right now? What are the best moments of the day to offer them the most appropriate services...

I believe it will require more “out of the box” thinking, to provoke the users’ imagination and provide them with a true value, in order to win the battle of app churn and to make users re-engage with our apps.
Elad Natanson, Founder and CEO, Appnext

Mobile dominates ad spending.

Spending on mobile will continue to surpass online/desktop advertising. Zenith predicts that by 2019, advertisers will spend more on mobile than all traditional media, except television, put together.

Playables dominate the ad formats

2018 brings news ways to further surprise and delight audiences with unexpected playable experiences, for games and other app types.**
Dale Carr, Founder and CEO, Leadbolt

The most obvious trend for 2018 is that mobile will continue to increase its share of marketing budget from TV, print and outdoor.

The use of programmatic advertising will also grow in 2018, shifting into new areas such as video and rewarded advertising.

2017 has been the year where everything about AI and machine learning has become super-hyped. This is likely to continue, with any company with enough resources looking to leverage its customer data in order to make their services even more compelling.
Clement Cao, CFO, Mobvista

As marketers continue to increase their in-app advertising budgets, greater transparency between buyers and sellers is one of the most important topics for the mobile advertising industry in 2018. Mobile players that don’t offer high fraud prevention, traffic quality, ad quality and data protection standards will face heavy pressure to do so, especially in light of the upcoming GDPR.
Ragnar Kruse, CEO and Co-Founder, Smaato

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