The Future of Video Ads Lies in Viewer Experience

Video advertising has been shifting as consumers move to video streams. Traditional video players and TV have also seen changes, what with the introduction of new technologies that have altered things like pod lengths.

A new survey conducted by Mirriad reveals that media executives think advertising experiences will have to change to fit in with the changing landscape. The video ads company found no agreement in other matters like what the future will look like for sure.

During the survey, the company found 8.1% of the respondents to think it important for networks to work on improving viewer experience with ads as opposed to cutting ad loads.

However, the respondents did not agree on what it is that is to be done to improve the experiences and to bolster the business.

41% of the respondent said that placing the ads within relevant contexts would help. Of the 41%, the majority were marketers and brands. 25% thought that varying the lengths of the ads would be the way to go.

Networks are already working on reducing ad loads. Out of the survey respondents, 56% agreed that having content integrated with brands would help to make up for lost revenue. Another 52% though radical ad insertion would also help.

‘TV economics continue to change. Broadcasters have to handle new cord-cutting realities by the day,’ said Mirriad CEO. ‘As advertisers and networks start considering how they will replace lost revenue, they will need to watch out for creative ways to fill the hole,’ added Mark Popkiewicz.

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