Tappx Makes App-ads.txt Integration Easy

The adtech solutions company, Tappx has recently announced a free tool for hosting that will allow clients to integrate apps-ads.txt.
App-ads-txt.com is looking to make it easy for mobile app developers to add the extension to their apps.
The initiative was beta tested last year. It is looking to end ad fraud by including protocols for app specification and for ULRs for apps in app stores.

Tappx studied initial adoption for the extension and looked at its initiatives all through March, this year. It noted that app-ads.txt was adopted at lower rates than ad.txt. Only less than 8% of apps that rank highly have adopted the initiative.

According to a marketing officer at the company, Fernando Saiz,
‘There are likely two reasons for this trend. First, many developers do not have websites, and secondly, there is little awareness around the issues surrounding ad tech in development communities especially around the benefits of ads.txt. Tappx are members of IAB in Spain, and so we advocate strongly for the extension. By reducing the difficulty of adopting the specification, we are making the dream of eradicating spoofing in-app inventory more reachable. Consequently, we are contributing to lowering digital ad fraud.’
Tappx is planning to keep updating app-ads-txt.com regularly and will be releasing reports all through 2019 based on their analysis of apps all over the world.


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