Study Reveals Facebook to Rank Least in Customer Satisfaction


  • For the second year straight, Pinterest saw the highest ranking for customer satisfaction compared to other social media channels. Facebook had the least score. Pinterest scored 80% on University of Michigan’s ACSI. In 2018, the platform had scored 72%.
  • YouTube improved in rating to 78%, ranking second. Wikipedia dropped by 4% to 74% while Instagram scored 72%.
  • Snapchat ranked 71%, boosted by high mobile quality. Twitter and LinkedIn increased by 5% to tie in third place at 69%. Tumblr fell by 6% to get to 64% while Facebook dropped by 6% to 63%.


According to ACSI, customer satisfaction in social media is doing better this year than last, but the industry can still do better. Of all categories, social media performs close to last, ranking in the bottom 46 industries tracked by the ACSI. 70% of adults in the US rely on social media to share information and connect to friends. They are concerned about the privacy of their data, and they expect social media companies to address the concern. If the companies do not regulate themselves as the finance industry has done, lawmakers in the US could respond by putting pressure for intervention. Consequently, there will be strict privacy laws like in Europe.

Of all the platforms, Facebook has the most room to improve. The reputation of the company suffered during the Cambridge Analytica. It has also been accused of letting Russia interfere with elections in the US, censoring political speeches and spreading fake news. The privacy rating of the company reached its lowest this year. The platform also rates lowest in advertising displays and uploading relevant content according to ACSI reports.

Last month, Facebook agreed to pay $5 billion in fines to settle an FTC complaint about its disclosures and settings that are allegedly deceptive. The settings were said to undermine the privacy of users and violate agreements the company signed with the FTC seven years ago. The fine is hefty, but critics still thought it to be little compared to how much they think should be paid for consumer privacy. So far, the low rates of customer satisfaction have not slowed user and revenue growth. Last month, the company reported a gain in revenue of 28% to get to $16.9 billion. Users of the app grew by 8% to 2.41 billion.

Instagram’s 72% score is the industry average. It could grow as the app becomes a significant revenue source for Facebook. The company does not report Instagram results separately, although according to the CFO, Facebook realized a 32% annual growth in ad impressions because of Instagram stories and feed.

Pinterest scored the most, pointing to its ability to have relevant content for various audiences according to the survey. The platform was found to show acceptable ads, with the best mobile app quality score. It was the first time that ACSI measured mobile app quality. Pinterest does not like to be grouped as a social media company because of the stigma associated with the tag and personal privacy concerns. The platform is known as a place to collect inspirational images of whatever makes you happy. Recently, the platform introduced a collection of resources and activities that are free of ads to help the user cope with anxiety and stress.

YouTube noted an improvement in its ACSI rating, which is suitable for the parent company. Alphabet refuses to disclose information about the platform. The power of the video-sharing app comes from many content creators who post on the site. In a sense, YouTube is a Launchpad for commentators, businesses and performers in many subjects. Pew Research Center said of YouTube that 44 000 of the channels there that are considered loved have more than 250 000 subscribers.


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