SoundCloud Expands into New Markets

SoundCloud, the streaming platform, has expanded its ad features to Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain after its collaboration with Targetspot.

The company introduced the ad options alongside a GO+ platform offering premium subscriptions for fans.

The free version of the app now has audio ad formats like video and in-stream native. Creators will receive payment for their work.

Users will be able to subscribe to the Go+ premium if they would rather not interact with ads after a trial period of 30 days.

Creators who previously had SoundCloud Pro Unlimited will be able to subscribe to Go+ at 50% less of the price.

‘Music lovers go to SoundCloud to discover new music and to connect with content creators, curators, and other listeners,’ said the SVP of subscriptions at SoundCloud, Anthony Gabriele. ‘Thanks to SoundCloud Go+, users will have access to the full catalog on the platform that will allow them to listen to music anywhere, anytime while supporting over 20m creators who are growing and building their careers there.’

The subscription also allows the creator access to new integrations like Pioneer DJ, Serato, and Native Instruments.

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