Snapchat Launches Ad-Supported Games

Snapchat recently announced a new gaming service, Snap Games that will help users to play their friends in real time.

The announcement was made at the Partner Summit and revealed that there would be game series’ exclusive to the platform including Bitmoji Party.
You will have access to these games on the chat feature which now has a rocket button. After tapping the button, you can pick the game you want to play.

Engadget reports that the company has ‘learned from Nintendo’s Mario Party’ with Bitmoji Party. You will use a 3D avatar to play some mini-games with as many as eight friends per game.

You will also be able to talk to those friends via text or voice.
The company developed Bitmoji Party, but Engadget reports that it teamed up with developers including PikPok, ZeptoLab, Spry Fox and Zynga.
A second game that is launching on the platform is Tiny Royale, a fortnite-style game with top-down gameplay.

The catch
All the new games on the platform will be free, but you will have to interact with six-second ads all through the gaming sessions that could prove annoying as they keep interrupting gameplay.

Snapchat has made no mention of purchases in the app, but that could be in the future of the app as a way to help other developers make money.
Snap Games does not come as a surprise. Last year, the company bought a gaming studio in Australia and had been suspected to be making other acquisitions like the one.

The company has also explored gaming in the past with AR games like Snappables showing up in the app in 2018.

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