Snapchat Integrates Integral Ad Science to Expand Ad Measurement

Snapchat is looking to expand its solutions for ad measurement by including Integral Ad Science. Due to the analytics and measurements company, advertisers will be able to measure fraud more effectively and access viewability across all video inventories in the app.

The move rolls out following a beta trial that went on for six months. Until recently, brands did not have the ability to measure fraud and viewability in their campaigns on the app. There was a lot of uncertainty regarding the success rates of the campaigns. Integral Ad Science will make it possible for advertisers to know how many of their views are fraudulent, completed views and which ones are in-view.

‘Advertisers will rest easy knowing that their campaigns are now verifiable across the platform and that is a huge deal. The company is now able to offer more transparency into the performance of campaigns,’ said Nick Morley. Morley is the MD and IAS, EMEA. ‘The beta was successful, so much so that we could see how much agencies and brands value the ability to reach the audience where they are without risking their digital ad investments.’

The platform has more than 188 million users per day. It is becoming important for brands to be able to measure success more accurately on the platform.
A little over 50 brands participated in the beta trial with Integral Ad Science.

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