Snapchat Improves Snap Kit Features


  • Snap recently released new features for the platform’s Kit during the first partner summit. The features include a stories capability in the app that will allow third parties to update stories in their apps. Tinder users, for instance, can send videos or photos to new ‘My Tinder Stories’ options on their profiles within the app. It is expected that Adventure Aide and Houseparty will launch similar features before the year ends.

  • Snap is expecting to launch a network of audiences in the months to come that will let developers make money from their apps and possibly reach a wider audience with mobile ads than ads on the platform alone. iOS developers in the U.S are already able to apply for access to the SDK. The new kit provides an opportunity for users to bring Bitmoji to other apps like Venmo and Fitbit. It also lets partners like VSCO, GoFundMe, and Netflix build filters and stickers which people can share from the apps into the platform’s camera.

  • There are other updates including a gaming platform for many players that has original games from third parties. The plan is that there will be six-second ads that are non-skippable beginning the third quarter of 2019. Snap also rolled out several mobile-first shows. The company updated its AR lens tools and search features to make it possible for the user to scan the surrounding and unlock related AR and GIFs thanks to a partnership with Giphy.


The company made many announcements during the partner summit. One of them is that the company is planning that interested mobile marketers is the video game platform. The audience network will make it possible for advertisers to reach broad audiences among apps that support the ads and partner with the company. Snapchat has not yet shown any growth in the number of users since the first quarter of 2018. Google and Facebook, on the other hand, have platforms like the one snap is launching letting marketers run extensive campaigns that reach users across mobile websites and apps and even people who do not use their services.

Snap wants to set its network apart from Google and Facebook by focusing on user privacy. It is not clear the sort of data that they will get from users to inform targeting. The company offered no details about the audience network except that it would launch before the year ends.

Regarding video games, the company has decided to join the many tech companies creating multiplayer games which act as platforms for social networking to generate interest from gamers. The move will also encourage users to invest more of their time on the platform. Snap will face a lot of competition in the video gaming space as there are other players including Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple which are also improving their content to get a bigger slice of the gaming market which is worth $130 billion.

The other announcements that the company made regard user experience and included original programming and advanced features for the camera. The company added into the picture partners like Giphy and Photomath which will help with the camera search option to let the user hold and press the screen to unlock experiences like scanning snapcodes. The user will also be able to access physical products, browse Amazon, and unlock filters and lenses. The more complicated features for the camera have AR capabilities and some Snap originals. They point to how the app has geared up its user engagement efforts to monetize the service better.

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