Snapchat and Amazon Partner to Boost M-Commerce

Snap Inc., Snapchat’s parent company just recently announced that it will be integrating with Amazon to allow users to look for products directly with their camera.

The feature will be simple to use. Users will only need to point their camera at the product or at a barcode and touch the screen to start.

Once the barcode on the product is recognized, the user gets an Amazon link with the product or a similar one. They can then opt to access the site through the app or through a web address to buy the product.

The move is another step for Snap to realize its mcommerce ambitions. For instance, the company just recently introduced Shoppable AR lenses for brands. Later in August, it expanded the tool to accommodate influencers and creators.

Furthermore, Amazon has a marketing program for affiliates that will provide a commission for linked products.

Should the partnership between the two companies work, Snap could grow its mcommerce arm to grab a significant part of the market.

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