Snapchat Allows 180 Seconds Long Videos

Snapchat recently updated its advertising features to let advertisers create longer ads and enjoy more interactive features in their six-second ads. The company also introduced goal-based bidding.

Before, advertisers using the platform could only post ten-second ads. The company has now lengthened the duration of the ads to 180 seconds.

According to Snap, this move will not affect user experience as they will still be able to skip ads. However, running longer ads may attract more brands to try the platform.

Snap had previously reported an increase in the number of users viewing longer content in the app. Viewers on Discover went up 35%. The app’s audience is predominantly young.

This year, the total viewing time on Discover tripled compared to last year’s numbers.

Initially, the platform’s ads had no interactive elements. The company has now added options to allow users to swipe-up on ads to change views to long-form, web view, or camera attachment.

Commercials have an average CPM of $10 to $12 with a $0.01 cost-per-completed view.

Advertisers on the platform will have the ability to leverage bidding options for 15-second video views. Goal-based bidding will add a new ad engagement level for optimized bidding.

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